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Do you travel on the wedding day?
Yes, we come to you! If it’s outside of Orange County though, there is a Travel Fee added depending on distance.

Is there a deposit required to book my wedding date?
Yes. There is a $100 Deposit required in advance to hold your wedding date.

What forms of payment do you accept?
Cash and Credit Card. There is a 4% fee added for a credit card transaction. Checks are only accepted when taking a deposit.

How far in advance should I book my Trial?
The recommended time would be anywhere from 3-6 months out from your wedding date. You just need to have your color scheme and most of the major details figured out, your dress, and some possible makeup and hair ideas.

How long does a Trial run last and what is involved with it?
The Trial run is the time when we go over all the details of the wedding, decide on a look that’s cohesive with the style and theme, create that look, and then make any changes if necessary. So they run on average about 2 and a half hours. We will take pictures of the look as well and go over the contract if the bride is ready to sign it and secure her date.

How should I come to my trial?

You can come with a clean face and no makeup on. It’s best if you wash and dry your hair the day before. And please come with your hair down and dry. You may also want to wear something white or light coloured so you can visualize the look a little better.

Should I bring anything to my Trial?

You are welcome too bring any photos of makeup and hair looks you like, a photo of your dress, your veil, and any hair accessories you might be using.

Do you travel to me for the Trial?

No. The Trials are done at my home studio in South Orange County.

Why do you not do a Trial on the day of someones engagement photos?

Because when you come in to be styled for your photoshoot, we will do the makeup and hair look from start to finish and you will leave completely camera ready and flawless! When we are doing your trial we will be creating a style you want, but we are most likely going to be making changes and adjustments to it. So you may not leave the session looking totally perfect. The trial is the time to focus on your specific wedding day look which is not necessarily the same look you will want in your engagement photos. So it’s best to do them on 2 separate days. Please check out the Pure Beauty package deals if you are interested in booking your Trial, your engagement photos, the wedding day and more!

How long will my makeup and hair last on my wedding day?

All day! We use makeup primers and setting sprays along with all waterproof products to ensure that everything stays put through any tears or sweat. If there are any touch-ups that need to be done, we will do them before we leave. The bride also gets a little touch-up makeup kit on the wedding day in case she needs to blot any oil off or touch up her lipstick after her wedding kiss! If you want us to stick around till after your ceremony because you are changing looks before the reception, you just pay additionally for each hour thereafter.

How is payment accepted on the wedding day?

The payment is accepted in Cash (preferred) or Credit Card (there is a 4% fee if on a card). Personal Checks are not accepted on the wedding day. If you really need to pay by check, a Cashiers Check can be accepted but must be received 2 weeks prior to the wedding date.

Is there a minimum number of services you require to book your wedding?

There is an 8 service minimum on Saturdays. It’s the most popular day for weddings so it’s left open for bigger bridal parties. A service is considered one makeup application or one hair styling. So it could be the Bride for makeup and hair, and then 3 other people for makeup and hair. Or any combination of services as long as it totals 8.

Can you accommodate any size bridal party?

Yes, Pure Beauty has a great team of girls that assist for all events that require more than 8 services. They are all professionally trained and lovely to work with.

What makeup brands do you use?

Here are just some of the most popular makeup brands that are found in our kits: Makeup Forever, Urban Decay, Smashbox, Anastasia of Beverly Hills, Lorac, Stilla, MAC Laura Mercier, Bobby Brown, Embryolisse, Becca, Temptu


How should I prepare for my session?
You should exfoliate your body and shave the day before. And you should moisturize in the morning to make sure your skin is evenly hydrated.

And what should I wear or bring with me?
It’s recommend to wear black loose fitting clothing to the appointment. You are welcome to bring a bathing suit if you aren’t comfortable with going nude (best to have a dark coloured one). However, a disposable thong is provided.

How do I maintain my tan afterwards?
If you are getting the “Express Tan”, it’s ok to shower 2 hours after your appointment. However, for the “Regular Tan”, it’s best to wait up to 8 hours for the tan to accelerate. For the next few days, it’s best to not use any oil based products in the shower that are going to strip the tan off easier, or any moisturizes that are oily.  

How many days before my wedding should I schedule my tan?
I would recommend 1-2 days before. The tan usually looks the best on the 2nd or 3rd day.